Proper Use of a Real Estate Sign

Proper Real Estate Sign

Having multiple numbers, empty flyer boxes, etc. on a sign are all bad. Our signs give one number, a toll-free number and the caller gets the information that we want them to get when they want it.

Call the main number of ANY other real estate company's sign and see what happens. As a matter of fact, call after hours and see what happens. Even better, call their sign about a specific property and see how long it takes to get even a basic description of the property.

Our signs have a never empty flyer box. CALL THE SIGN ABOVE FOR A DEMONSTRATION. Go ahead! Call anytime 24-hours a day.

At this point, I must say that we have listing programs that include flyers for those sellers that insist on them. We believe in our marketing system but are not so stringent as not to accommodate our clients wants.